Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew patterson speech

This morning A Man named Andrew Patterson Brought Rainen the deputy head boy of tamaki college Mr patterson interviewed Rainen about his first years in Tamaki. There main point was show us the meaning aim A.I.M Aspiration, Inspiration, motivation.

 We also showed us a video of a boy called Dwight his dad was a Mongrel mob patch member and colleges didn't accept him because they thought he wouldn't do well but Remuera High school accepted him and saw potential in him so they help him and in year 12 he got the endeavour award at prize giving.

 I think this talk was very helpful for next year when i go to college. The most important thing that i’ll take with me to my college years is to put myself out there.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Athletics day
Have you ever threw a shot put 14 meters?  Coming first in sprints? Have you ever came first at everything? Have you showed your best in it athletics.  
1st idea
Achieving your personal best means doing your best in everything especially in athletics.  In athletics there so many sports to participate last week on friday. We did discus, throwing spear, throw ball, volleyball, shot put, tug of war, high jump and sprint and after all these sports we did relays.
2nd idea
We showed our personal best in all of the sports by not giving up and we cept on trying even though we were tired we never gave up. We used up all of our strength to pull to throw and to run. We wanted to have a drink and a break but we cept on trying even though we sat under the sun for hours and hours.
athletic 3rd idea
Not also we showed our personal best but we showed support to each other, even though they are giving up we tried to push them to get through the whole day and letting them having a go.
I liked how we got through the day without giving up and letting other people down but pushing them at having a go at every sports. I also liked how we cheered for other people. And I like how we went through the day happy and safe.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Different wind instruments

Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's the raspberry sound it's kind of like the sound of elephant. At this morning assembly Mr Jacobsen brought in two very historical wind instruments the conch and the shofar.

Mr Jacobsen told us how the people in the island chopped the end of conch shell and blow the raspberry sound to communicate with other island. He started talking about in the desert they don't have shells so they do the same thing  with antelope horns. He also explained that bugles were used to tell people to line up.

This morning I had a great experience learning about the different kinds of wind instruments. My favorite instrument was the shofar because it was to me.  

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical madness

Wigs on,  musical instruments everywhere and lots of interesting costumes on It was madness. Musical madness!  Musical madness was the topic for this term. Once I saw all of the craziness I knew that this immersion assembly was gonna be good.

The most entertaining item in my opinion was Team three three item was  putting songs into a story line.  Team three also spoke about how there gonna try and make there own instruments. My favorite part in the item was mr Moran’s groovy dancing moves

Giving information the item that gave the most information was the best team,  my team, team 5 there informative item was about a family movie night. They watched a part of the movie lion king and changed the background music that changed the mood and emotion of the movie.
This term I am looking forward to making music with garageband and doing my D.L.O .

I'm cant wait until this term is over.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Word problems

I had to finish thirty five word problems.  Most of them were easy and only three of them I needed help with. My favorite question was number three because it was the most easiest.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Manaiakalani film festival post

Yesterday I started in the room three manaiakalani film. My role was a basketball player. Our movie was called a day in the life of a point englander. In our film had eight people in it Heather, Hosea, Thaisoni, Siaosi, Isaac, Samoa, Tevita and myself. My favorite scene was when Hosea ankle broke Tevita.

Manaiakalani quality blog post

Thursday, 14 September 2017

C.I.A The Moo-my's Curse

A genius cow named professor Mcmoo and his two trusty side kick Pat and Bo, are the best agents in the entire C.I.A which stands for Cows In  Action. The C.I.A time travels in their secret cow shack that's really a C.I.A top secret time machine. They receive information from the commando to know where to go and what to do. In this book there mission is to stop the F.B.I (Short for Fed-up Bull Institute) from pretending to be there king Tutankha-moooo and tricking the egyptian to do any thing they want.


Ratios and proportion

Happy fifth birthday

Streamers hanging everywhere. The words happy birthday cut out of paper, taped just above a giant racing car cake with five candles on top. Family came from all around New Zealand aunty and uncles from up north or far down south.  All getting ready for my little brother Samsons fifth birthday.

Food food and more food i've never seen that much food in one place and we're going to eat it all. There were all types fudge cakes,cup cakes, mud cakes and delicious  cheese cake. It wasn't all just deserts there was also a sizzling  barbecue and a big hangi just sitting on the table until  five o'clock, time to eat.  

Too much fun if we had any more i'll explode. We had  a big bouncey castle with a giant inflatable dinosaur on top, there was another with a blow up basket ball hoop and a bright orange swirly slide inside. There was more four big bumper balls to bump and challenge any one.

Five o'clock arrived the bouncey castles were empty and the tables were full of food and children. I was licking  my lips just waiting to to dig my teeth into that giant birthday cake. We just finished singing happy birthday and cake was getting handed out. The next five minutes the cake tray was empty but our tummy's were full.

I think that I could say this without a thought that was the best birthday ever. My highlight of the day was the cake and bumper balls. The thing that I didn't like about that day is that Samsons birthday wasn't a birthweek.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Astrosaurs and the seas of doom

This afternoon I read a book about dinosaurs that into left space before a giant meteor hit earth.Four brave dinosaurs joined together to create a group called the D.S.S witch stands for Dinosaur, Space, Service. The D.S.S Adventures around the galaxy helping dinosaurs in distress.They have stumbled across the Aqua Minor which is a planet made out of water.A giant dangerous sea creature is on the loose terrorizing  food factories, there's  only one left standing but is currently under construction.That unfortunate event led  all of the dinosaurs in the aqua minor planet to go hungry. The D.S.S needs to find this sea creature and find a solution to stop it from destroying the last food factory.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My maths quiz results

These are my math result I had to answer 10 questions and I got all of them right. Some  questions were easy but most of them were challenging

Friday, 4 August 2017

Why are mobile phones banned

Why are mobile phones not allowed in class. I think we should be allowed your mobile phones at the appropriate time. If we were allowed to bring our mobile we should treat it like a school net book. Lock it the netbook cupboard or cow during school and  after school take home

Mobile phones are useful at school because if your chromebook breaks or gets stolen you could sign in to your drive with your  phone. You could also do math whizz and our basic facts with a phone.

Another reason why phones are useful should be allowed at school is to communicate to your parent  if  trainings su canceled and you need  ride home Or  call your teacher to let them know why you're not coming to school.

You could also use it for note pad. Note pad is useful if your chromebooks breaks or the internet crashes then you could just use your phone and go on notepad and do your writing or maths working out.

Broken chromebook, after school calling, notepad and crashed internet are main reasons why phones important to have at school.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Immersion assembly

It was the first day of school the immersion assembly was normal, until the lights turned off and little space ship came flying through the middle of the hall and landed on the center of the stage.
everybody was curious of what's in then suddenly two alien bursted out of nowhere, and started talking, before I could catch my breath on what's happening. Two brave souldier bursted out from hiding and defeated the two aliens with there lightsabers. then they stood up and took a bow lucky it was a act I was ready to run. Mr burt came out and said “give a round of applause for that amazing act”.

Team one played a movie about going to space in a flying car. Then it was time for team two they also played a movie but there movie was a song about space. Team three played a movie about time. Team four played a movie about what planet where gonna live on after the earth. Then the best group team five they sang a song about the moon and solar system.

The most interesting and informative item was team five. they explained how all natural resources were running out and people were going to have to find a new planet. They also explained how we failed to protect and look after earth.

I think team five was the most entertaining because i've never seen my teachers dance like how they did on the day. I also never expected mrs judd's voice to be that amazing but the funny dance moves from mrs tele'a is what made it all stand out.

This term I am looking forward to having lots of fun learning about how the tides affect the tide and also what planet we're gonna live on next. Another task i'm look forward to is how the solar system work and how planet earth effects it.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Expo reflection

After ten weeks of hard work we finally got to show off our amazing project. Our project emoji pencil holders it took us ten weeks to build them and today teams 2 and 3 came in to see our projects. Our group got 14 people who said they liked it and 6 people said they didn't like it. We had to present and show off how good our pencil holders were.

The next day we had to. Present our projects teams 4 and 3. I think They really liked it because they had really big smiles on their faces and lots of positive question. Most of the groups that came liked the silly emoji. My favorite one was the angry one.

Next is team one the little kids most of them are shy. With team one me and my team member hosea are gonna have a battle who pencil holder get the most likes. Hosea's one has cluedo and a angry face, My one has a devil and a love heart emoji face. The result turn out out to be me with 18 likes and hosea winning 23.

We got lots of advice on how to paint and ideas how to inprove th pencil holders. At the end the end of the our project had  tons of good results and we got a list of names who liked project.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Why basketball is the best sport

Foul!  Double dribble!  If you don't know what i'm talking about then you don't love basketball  like I do. Foul and double dribble are both penalties from the best sport basket ball. The reason I like basketball is because it involves speed, catching, passing and shooting and i'm good at most of them.
Image result for klay thompson 3 pointer Klay Thompson ---->
I don't only enjoy playing basketball but also watching basketball. My favorite player is  Klay Thompson because he is great at shooting three pointers. He is apart of my favorite team the Golden State Warriors. They are currently holding the second place title for the longest winning streak with 28 wins in a row. In first place is the los angeles lakers with thirty eight wins in a row.

The position I play is also the same as klay thompson, shooting guard.   I am shooting guard  because i'm great at dribbling the ball and passing. I have an outstanding  ability to set up offensive players for the shot. However the skills i'm not good at is intercepting and blocking.

My attitude on the court is not the best and needs improvement but i'll keep on working on it. The the that I don't like about basketball is long trainings before a big game or important tournament.
My highlight of basketball is playing against other teams and making new friends. Those are the reasons why I basketball is my favorite sport

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

multiplication pyramid

This is my multiplication pyramid. For this task we have to times two numbers of the pyramid and keep moving up until you get to the top.

working out for the third row numbers

75 x 405=
70 x 400 = 28000
70 x 5 =350
5 x 400 =2000
5 x 5 = 25
28000 + 350 + 2000 + 25 = 30375

405 x 486 =
400 x 400 =160000
400 x 80 =32000
400 x 6 = 2400
5 x 80 = 400
5 x 6 = 30
160000 + 32000 + 2400 + 400 + 30 = 194830

then I had permission from my maths teacher to calculate the top answers

Thursday, 22 June 2017

diary entry

Today for our inquiry groups we made a draft design for our pencil holders. Our draft is just a piece of cardboard with a laughing emoji😂 drawn on it. This was a quick sketch of what the design would look like.
If our first design turns out to be good. Then we will make other designs like poke balls, pokemon, sport teams and many more designs.

Friday, 2 June 2017


WALT:How to calculate the probability of an event happening.

For this task I had to learn what the meaning of lots of statistical vocabulary. the new words that I learnt were mode, median.

Friday, 14 April 2017

my favourite pastime

In this blog post i had to explain what was my favourite pastime is and is that my favourite pastime.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

sentence types

my role model

If I had to choose one person to in the entire world for my role model it will have to be my dad. I’ll choose dad  because he’s funny interesting and most of all he likes to spend time with me

I like my dad because he feed me love me puts a roof over my head and clothes on my favourite activity i like doing with him is fishing because he tell me stories about when he went fishing with his dad

There are other reasons why he's my role model is he likes spending time with me. Teaching me to build things play rugby touch he also taught me to cook. My dad says when he was little he was just like me.

thats my my dad is my role model thank you dad

Monday, 10 April 2017

my idea of a fun weekend

Have you ever waited and waited for the weekend to come, but when it actually came you realised it was the same as every other weekend. Well i'm gonna tell you my idea of a fun weekend. There are two days in a weekend Saturday and Sunday.

My idea of a Saturday is wake up in a nice sunny day ice cream for breakfast. After that i'll Go pick up my friends pou and phaezon and go to the pool. After I've swam at the pools well go to burger king and have a big lunch for free, wouldn't that be amazing. After we've had a long day my friends pou and phaezon would sleep over my house and play my ps4.

Sunday is the best day because after the ice cream breakfast we'll go to the movies at Sylvia park and watch two of the nest movies after the movies we go rainbows end until the night rides are done. Well pick up more friends go to my house cross the road and play spot light at the construction sight then have a late bed time a wake up for school.

The next day i'll go school and tell everyone all about how i had ice cream for breakfast, went to the pools, rainbows end, and played the spot light.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

writing test update

this is my writing test update. my writing test was about a important place in my community i wrote about school and how education is important my test results were.

ideas      structure       organisation      vocabulary       sentence       punctuation             spelling
 4             4                      4                      4                     4                     4                       4

Friday, 17 March 2017


Mmm yumm i'm still daydreaming about that delicious doughnut, Mrs Tele’a brought us yesterday from a store at the 2017 polyfest. polyfest is a three day annual polynesian festival or polyfest. The polyfest is where people from different polynesian cultures perform in front of a massive crowd but you can't have a polyfest without food.

If i could choose the best thing about the polyfest My highlight is pretty obvious food. The food there is the the second best food that i've ever tasted, my first is hangi but any way the cook island doughnuts that Mrs Tele’a brought me and my group. At first they were a bit hot after a while
They were delicious.

After all the yummy food and fun stalls we went to the maori stage where we saw amazing acts by schools and a amazing little boy with a wonderful voice. An other stage we was the diversity stage where we got to see a fijian and asian group perform.  

Polyfest is important especially to those who are not confident on stage because it helps be courageous on stage and help them perform with kia kaha. An other reason  is it help your social relationships with other people and helps make friends.So next time you hear about the polyfest come along and don't forget about the food

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Alphabet multiplication

this is my addition key every letter equals a number. for example ADD= 1, 4, 4 when we are finished figuring out the numbers you multiply it 1 x 4 x 4 = 16 .

Friday, 3 February 2017

our class treaty

Image result for respectWe Respect other people like brothers and sisters. Image result for communityWe take care of our community by picking up the rubbish and helping those in need. We always finish our work off properly.Image result for a+ We must always listen to the teacher.respect our chromebooks.Image result for acer chromebook c720