Thursday, 10 December 2015

creative writing

I arrived at school. I walked into class and saw that everyone was gone! Only Miss Lavakula’s class  was there.  Where was the rest of my class? I sat down like normal, the class was so quiet. It turns out, I was the only year 6, all the rest were year 5.

I sat and daydreamed. I wondered, was there a year six eating spider that ate everyone when I wasn't there.  Would it come back to eat me?  We did our work and wrote poems but I was still worried. At morning tea I stayed near there the toilets so if the spider came I could hide.

The next day tuesday was the best because we played soccer. I just took my mind off the spider, and just did everything as normal. Until I heard whispers about the year sixes, and that there was no year sixes at school. They had been taken to a faraway island called Kawau in a kid eating camp called camp Bentzon.

I knew it there was a spider I thought to myself, then out of nowhere the spider ate me.   

Thursday, 19 November 2015

My haiku poems

WALT:Write a Haiku Poem - What am I?

My task today was to write a haiku poem about something and your job is to guess who I wrote about. haiku poems have syllables in a pacific order 5 syllables 7  syllables and then 5 syllables again each syllable has a vowel A E I O U and sometimes Y . a haiku poem has three sentences.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Limerick poem

WALT: Write a Limerick poem

There was a man in green who like beans
he thought he was the king of cream tarts
but something went wrong when,
he was playing ping pong
he did big and smelly fart

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My acrostic poem

WALT:write a positive descriptive acrostic poem using your name and similes

Our task today was to write a acrostic poem on our first name ANGELO

My Diamante poem

WALT:Write a diamante poem using nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms and antonymsToday my task was to write a diamante poem my poem is about rugby it was kind of hard because I had to write it in a Pacific order I will show you .          Noun
                                         adjective, adjective, adjective
                                                   Verb, Verb, Verb,
                                           Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
                                                  Verb,Verb, Verb
                                                adjective, adjective
                                                            Noun .

Thursday, 22 October 2015

San diego Zoo

WAlT:  think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

  We had a virtual tour of the San Diego zoo. San Diego zoo has lots of cool animals.
I like cheetahs and beavers I also like elephants. But my personal favorite is a komodo dragon, did you know dragons are real ?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hi the people my fans this will be my last blog post of the term hope you have fun reading my blog

Thursday, 3 September 2015

my poem

after school i come home and see a ______ sitting on the desk

It’s squeaks and clicks as i try to get it off my brother
he had it all day.

the mouse's long tail connects to the back of the computer.
I use it to play on the internet.

My dog poem

WALT: Use our word classes
in this learning task I learnt how to use my adverbs nouns and adverbs

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

my conjunctions

WALT: conjunctions and how to use them in sentences.

task 1
  • We went home and went straight to bed.

  • They are rich but they aren’t happy.

  • We went home because we were tired.

  • We went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.

  • We went home when Jane wanted to.

  • We went home before the concert ended.

  • We went home after Max Jones had sung his first song

  • We went home although / though we did not really want to.
task 2
We will go home if we are tired.

Gene can go to school unless its raining
Lena has a sore foot while playing rugby
Katarina won't be going to the movie since she grounded  

Sione can ride his bike only if he does his dishes

Sally climbed a tree after playing in the mud

Kyle walked home from school after riverside

Simon was full from dinner although he wants some more

Anna watched her sister but she wasn't really good at it
Scott was in charge if he was being good

Shelley played ripper rugby  because she's fast

our task was to learn what conjunctions are and how to use them in sentences.  task 1 we had to find out which word is a conjunction and colour it red. for our second task we had to write a conjunction and finish off the sentence .

Friday, 31 July 2015

job poster

WALT:put our selves in the text
                              our task was try to hook our audience in our
                              job application. our job was a window cleaner.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

problem solving week one

WALT:add and subtract decimals

this week we had to practice our decimals
for example 0.25+0.12

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

word classes

WALT:using word classes

This task ask as to write sentences using determiner, adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. In this task I learnt what a determiner is   


1 All sorts of new years
Screenshot 2015-06-10 at 10.24.20.png
This is the chinese           This celebration                this new years  
new year I know this         is diwali I know this           celebration is
because in the                  because they have             celebrated in many
text it says                         candles and lamps             countries. I can tell
there are                            and there house is              this because it has
dragon and lion dances    decorated and                     a lot of fireworks.
with firecrackers lanter      it looks like there
and red lucky money.       heaps of yummy
                                          Indian food

In my family we celebrate
matariki, thanksgiving, christmas, birthdays, easter, guy fawkes,

3 Te Reo maori check   talita
 what do these words mean  
 nga hoe
 ka roe

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

super powers

WALT:use juice vocabulary

If I had a superpower I  will have the ability to shapeshift. Shapeshifting is a super power that lets you turn into any human animal and many more living creatures. Illd like this power because if you are late for school i can turn into flash and get to school super fast.  
                                                   marked by hosea
I think that these super powers would be great for doing the dishes super fast, turning invisible during  hide and seek . Terrerfing  people by turning into John Cena.It will also be great for turning into Usian bolt and winning every race.  
our task ask as to write effected paragraphs About super powers.
My super power was shape shifting.My character was from X Men

Friday, 26 June 2015

super mario world

                                            WALT : write effective paragraphs.
Super mario world is  a magnificent side scrolling game
                          that you play on the internet. It is a tremendous game many people love.
I like this wonderful game because it is very addicting.  

The aim of the game is to get from the start to the finish.
in order to do that you must collect mushrooms to make you grow and stars to win. watch out for enemies that can kill you instantly.
The only way  to destroy them is to jump on there heads.
Mario is a superb little Italian man  with a red hat with an M in the middle of a white of the hat circle . Mario has blue eyes a blue overalls with a red long sleeved top underneath with brown shoes and white gloves .
Mario has lots of friends including Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and many more.

To make mario move is to use your arrow keys.
the p button to pause. You can also push + to increase volume
and - button to decrease volume. If you forget any  of these push
P to show you again. My advice to you is don't hold the run because
you might fall off  so just tap it.

I like this game because it  is very addicting . I give this game a 7 out  of 10. this game is fabulous for people who want something to do. If you want to try it here is a link try not to get stuck in to it.   

Image result for super mario
description of learning
our task was to sit in a circle and write in silence
and do our paragraphs separately.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


WALT:to use similes to describe things in our writing to capture our audience.

 Today we had to write similes like swung like a monkey

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Maths Teacher Lesson - Week

WALT: find equivalent fractions

We have been learning to find equivalent fractions. I have learnt that equivalent means the same as. So 4/8 is the same as 1/2.

Maths teacher lesson week 9

   WALT: sequence  fractions

So today we learnt about ordering fractions. If the denominator is the same then we order according to the numerator.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Sports day

Walt: research and work collaboratively.

our task was to work together

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mr Wiseman's new born baby

Walt: write a lead paragraph of a news report
In Auckland New zealand at pt england school Mr
wiseman year 7 and 8  has been away for a very long time.
because of the amazing news of his new born baby  Ailah  (the spelling is unsure) .

term twos immersion assembly

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Have you ever seen your teacher on a hovercraft ? Well on the first day back from the holidays In our immersion assembly. Mr Sommerville had rode around on a homemade hovercraft.this is what happen.

The first thing that we did was line up and walk over to the hall, while our class was  standing  there we saw all the other classes  sitting up and getting sandwiches, cookies and carrot sticks  .Can You imagine that . Have you ever got free food at school before?

After everyone was settled down Mr Burt
told us what the topic was, and what it was about. Then team 1 did there item about eating healthy and keeping it clean.

Overall my thoughts of the assembly was great it made me feel pumped and ready for this years topic.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

word classes

WALT:We are learning how identify different word classes using pictures

Today our task was in room six literacy we learnt how to identify different word classes and  I learnt what a determiner is do you know your word classes ?  

Friday, 15 May 2015


Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

liams christchurch interveiw

Walt: Find proof of the authors message.
Liam is a 13 year old boy that lives in Auckland New Zealand. He likes playing computer games with his .

we were able to catch up with liam and ask him question about the christchurch earthquake.

Hi liam how has your life been affected by the christchurch earthquake?
My aunty uncle and two cousins live there and i'm worried about them because they might be hurt badly.  they were very nice and lovey.

Liam what would you do if an earthquake hit your city how would it affect you and your family.

it will be devastating because I wouldn't be able to play my favorite computer games and it would hurt me and my family.

Okay Liam this is our last question, how would you react in a horrible earthquake
i will run underneath my computer table and hold on really tight .

Friday, 8 May 2015


Terry is 13 years old boy that loves computer games including krag castle.He lives in New Zealand with his mum.

If an earthquake hit your city  how would it affect you or your life?
it will be devastating because I cant play my favorite games like crang castle and I might lose my family.

What would you do to help the people in Nepal who has recently been struck by an earthquake ?

I would talk to my principal about holding a mufti day and sausage sizzle and fundraising money for Nepal.   


Thursday, 30 April 2015

room six Report

WALT:write a lead paragraph of a news report

Teacher invents fruit tetris controller

Angelo Peihopa

Today on the 30th of April at pt england school in  auckland new zealand  school Mr Goodwin had makey makey kit and fruit  to try and make a Tetris controller for room pt englands term 2 topic .As room six crowded
Mr goodwin as he was plugging in the cords some people thought Mr Goodwin was crazy. He turned on tetris grabbed his makey makey controller he played and it was success everybody started saying yay wow and thought we wasn't crazy after all.

we look at report writing and how to write a good body paragraph for a report.