Thursday, 10 December 2015

creative writing

I arrived at school. I walked into class and saw that everyone was gone! Only Miss Lavakula’s class  was there.  Where was the rest of my class? I sat down like normal, the class was so quiet. It turns out, I was the only year 6, all the rest were year 5.

I sat and daydreamed. I wondered, was there a year six eating spider that ate everyone when I wasn't there.  Would it come back to eat me?  We did our work and wrote poems but I was still worried. At morning tea I stayed near there the toilets so if the spider came I could hide.

The next day tuesday was the best because we played soccer. I just took my mind off the spider, and just did everything as normal. Until I heard whispers about the year sixes, and that there was no year sixes at school. They had been taken to a faraway island called Kawau in a kid eating camp called camp Bentzon.

I knew it there was a spider I thought to myself, then out of nowhere the spider ate me.   

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