Thursday, 30 April 2015

room six Report

WALT:write a lead paragraph of a news report

Teacher invents fruit tetris controller

Angelo Peihopa

Today on the 30th of April at pt england school in  auckland new zealand  school Mr Goodwin had makey makey kit and fruit  to try and make a Tetris controller for room pt englands term 2 topic .As room six crowded
Mr goodwin as he was plugging in the cords some people thought Mr Goodwin was crazy. He turned on tetris grabbed his makey makey controller he played and it was success everybody started saying yay wow and thought we wasn't crazy after all.

we look at report writing and how to write a good body paragraph for a report.

Manipulating sen

WALT:Manipulate sentence structures   

The  furious elephants pushes roughly
The  furious elephants roughly pushes
Roughly pushes the furious elephants
 Pushes Roughly the furious elephants 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

year 5 and 6 camp

WALT to write a camp recount
Have you ever been on a school camp ?
well last week we had a year 5 and 6 camp at school.
This is how camp went.

On the first day of camp I came late and by the time I had gotten to the hall everybody was lined up in 6 teams called the Honest squad, The commitments, All stars, Mataponoe, true crew,  and the Real dealz we stayed there for two night and three  days  

In the year 5 and 6 camp
My favorite activity was kayaking. It was funny when  Lanzie had fallen out of the kayak. I also liked it because I had to teach my friend Bradley how to double kayak.

The other thing I liked was cooking with Whaea saphron and we cooked corn fritters with a partner my partner was nate the first thing we had to do was make the mix I put flour, baking powder, milk, and egg. Nate mixed it and then we both poured a cup into the pan and sang a song until our fritters  were cooked once we ate them they were delicious.

newspapper tower

WALT:a solid recount about building a newspaper tower
Have you ever built a newspaper tower ?
Well today we had to build one. The challenge was who could build the tallest tower out of newspaper.

We were given one pair of scissors, five and one half sheets of newspaper, one strip of masking tape, and eight minutes to build.
The people in my team were Mubashir, Adam,  Mo,  and Christian.

after our eight minutes were up our groups tower did not stand. The girls team one. my favorite part was to see the final results I hope we do this another time.

just before camp

WALT write a recount about what some one eles done in year 5 and 6 camp

Image result for dj matatahi ptengland   Dj's  group that he was for camp was all stars  and thats what group im in. dj's favorite thing was top town and a water balloon fight. dj was sleeping with me and my friend Pou

Who likes sharks

WALT: put our selves in other peoples shoes

immersion assembly recount

WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever seen your teacher on a hovercraft ? Well on the first day back from the holidays In our immersion assembly. Mr Sommerville had rode around on a homemade hovercraft.this is what happen.


Friday, 24 April 2015

Anzac writing

JPEG Image
WALT:write a high quality paragraph about Anzac

For assembly we remembered the Anzac army that fort for New Zealand. That’s how come we stood in front of the field of remembrance.did you know that approximately 8000 men left New Zealand on ships, Thats the most people that left in one day.  

our task was to write a recount about what we did and what we learnt at assembly.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bottle Rockets

WALT:know that other people might take a different judgement from the same information.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Omaru creek

WALT: write a high quality introduction 

Dirty, yuck ,ugly and smelly thats what our creek is. Can you believe that people were swimming in it in the olden days, we went to the river talks,
to see how GI to help it be clean again.
Do you know how we can help Omaru creek?  



WALT:look beyond the text

Our Task was to write a reply to someone who has asked you for advice on your blog. We  needed to make a presentation in a way that looks like an advice blog.our group needed to read their problem carefully, make sure you understand all of what they are asking you.We had to offer them advice and information to the answer all of their problem.