Friday, 4 August 2017

Why are mobile phones banned

Why are mobile phones not allowed in class. I think we should be allowed your mobile phones at the appropriate time. If we were allowed to bring our mobile we should treat it like a school net book. Lock it the netbook cupboard or cow during school and  after school take home

Mobile phones are useful at school because if your chromebook breaks or gets stolen you could sign in to your drive with your  phone. You could also do math whizz and our basic facts with a phone.

Another reason why phones are useful should be allowed at school is to communicate to your parent  if  trainings su canceled and you need  ride home Or  call your teacher to let them know why you're not coming to school.

You could also use it for note pad. Note pad is useful if your chromebooks breaks or the internet crashes then you could just use your phone and go on notepad and do your writing or maths working out.

Broken chromebook, after school calling, notepad and crashed internet are main reasons why phones important to have at school.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Immersion assembly

It was the first day of school the immersion assembly was normal, until the lights turned off and little space ship came flying through the middle of the hall and landed on the center of the stage.
everybody was curious of what's in then suddenly two alien bursted out of nowhere, and started talking, before I could catch my breath on what's happening. Two brave souldier bursted out from hiding and defeated the two aliens with there lightsabers. then they stood up and took a bow lucky it was a act I was ready to run. Mr burt came out and said “give a round of applause for that amazing act”.

Team one played a movie about going to space in a flying car. Then it was time for team two they also played a movie but there movie was a song about space. Team three played a movie about time. Team four played a movie about what planet where gonna live on after the earth. Then the best group team five they sang a song about the moon and solar system.

The most interesting and informative item was team five. they explained how all natural resources were running out and people were going to have to find a new planet. They also explained how we failed to protect and look after earth.

I think team five was the most entertaining because i've never seen my teachers dance like how they did on the day. I also never expected mrs judd's voice to be that amazing but the funny dance moves from mrs tele'a is what made it all stand out.

This term I am looking forward to having lots of fun learning about how the tides affect the tide and also what planet we're gonna live on next. Another task i'm look forward to is how the solar system work and how planet earth effects it.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Expo reflection

After ten weeks of hard work we finally got to show off our amazing project. Our project emoji pencil holders it took us ten weeks to build them and today teams 2 and 3 came in to see our projects. Our group got 14 people who said they liked it and 6 people said they didn't like it. We had to present and show off how good our pencil holders were.

The next day we had to. Present our projects teams 4 and 3. I think They really liked it because they had really big smiles on their faces and lots of positive question. Most of the groups that came liked the silly emoji. My favorite one was the angry one.

Next is team one the little kids most of them are shy. With team one me and my team member hosea are gonna have a battle who pencil holder get the most likes. Hosea's one has cluedo and a angry face, My one has a devil and a love heart emoji face. The result turn out out to be me with 18 likes and hosea winning 23.

We got lots of advice on how to paint and ideas how to inprove th pencil holders. At the end the end of the our project had  tons of good results and we got a list of names who liked project.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Why basketball is the best sport

Foul!  Double dribble!  If you don't know what i'm talking about then you don't love basketball  like I do. Foul and double dribble are both penalties from the best sport basket ball. The reason I like basketball is because it involves speed, catching, passing and shooting and i'm good at most of them.
Image result for klay thompson 3 pointer Klay Thompson ---->
I don't only enjoy playing basketball but also watching basketball. My favorite player is  Klay Thompson because he is great at shooting three pointers. He is apart of my favorite team the Golden State Warriors. They are currently holding the second place title for the longest winning streak with 28 wins in a row. In first place is the los angeles lakers with thirty eight wins in a row.

The position I play is also the same as klay thompson, shooting guard.   I am shooting guard  because i'm great at dribbling the ball and passing. I have an outstanding  ability to set up offensive players for the shot. However the skills i'm not good at is intercepting and blocking.

My attitude on the court is not the best and needs improvement but i'll keep on working on it. The the that I don't like about basketball is long trainings before a big game or important tournament.
My highlight of basketball is playing against other teams and making new friends. Those are the reasons why I basketball is my favorite sport

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

multiplication pyramid

This is my multiplication pyramid. For this task we have to times two numbers of the pyramid and keep moving up until you get to the top.

working out for the third row numbers

75 x 405=
70 x 400 = 28000
70 x 5 =350
5 x 400 =2000
5 x 5 = 25
28000 + 350 + 2000 + 25 = 30375

405 x 486 =
400 x 400 =160000
400 x 80 =32000
400 x 6 = 2400
5 x 80 = 400
5 x 6 = 30
160000 + 32000 + 2400 + 400 + 30 = 194830

then I had permission from my maths teacher to calculate the top answers

Thursday, 22 June 2017

diary entry

Today for our inquiry groups we made a draft design for our pencil holders. Our draft is just a piece of cardboard with a laughing emoji😂 drawn on it. This was a quick sketch of what the design would look like.
If our first design turns out to be good. Then we will make other designs like poke balls, pokemon, sport teams and many more designs.