Friday, 22 September 2017

Manaiakalani film festival post

Yesterday I started in the room three manaiakalani film. My role was a basketball player. Our movie was called a day in the life of a point englander. In our film had eight people in it Heather, Hosea, Thaisoni, Siaosi, Isaac, Samoa, Tevita and myself. My favorite scene was when Hosea ankle broke Tevita.

Manaiakalani quality blog post

Thursday, 14 September 2017

C.I.A The Moo-my's Curse

A genius cow named professor Mcmoo and his two trusty side kick Pat and Bo, are the best agents in the entire C.I.A which stands for Cows In  Action. The C.I.A time travels in their secret cow shack that's really a C.I.A top secret time machine. They receive information from the commando to know where to go and what to do. In this book there mission is to stop the F.B.I (Short for Fed-up Bull Institute) from pretending to be there king Tutankha-moooo and tricking the egyptian to do any thing they want.


Ratios and proportion

Happy fifth birthday

Streamers hanging everywhere. The words happy birthday cut out of paper, taped just above a giant racing car cake with five candles on top. Family came from all around New Zealand aunty and uncles from up north or far down south.  All getting ready for my little brother Samsons fifth birthday.

Food food and more food i've never seen that much food in one place and we're going to eat it all. There were all types fudge cakes,cup cakes, mud cakes and delicious  cheese cake. It wasn't all just deserts there was also a sizzling  barbecue and a big hangi just sitting on the table until  five o'clock, time to eat.  

Too much fun if we had any more i'll explode. We had  a big bouncey castle with a giant inflatable dinosaur on top, there was another with a blow up basket ball hoop and a bright orange swirly slide inside. There was more four big bumper balls to bump and challenge any one.

Five o'clock arrived the bouncey castles were empty and the tables were full of food and children. I was licking  my lips just waiting to to dig my teeth into that giant birthday cake. We just finished singing happy birthday and cake was getting handed out. The next five minutes the cake tray was empty but our tummy's were full.

I think that I could say this without a thought that was the best birthday ever. My highlight of the day was the cake and bumper balls. The thing that I didn't like about that day is that Samsons birthday wasn't a birthweek.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Astrosaurs and the seas of doom

This afternoon I read a book about dinosaurs that into left space before a giant meteor hit earth.Four brave dinosaurs joined together to create a group called the D.S.S witch stands for Dinosaur, Space, Service. The D.S.S Adventures around the galaxy helping dinosaurs in distress.They have stumbled across the Aqua Minor which is a planet made out of water.A giant dangerous sea creature is on the loose terrorizing  food factories, there's  only one left standing but is currently under construction.That unfortunate event led  all of the dinosaurs in the aqua minor planet to go hungry. The D.S.S needs to find this sea creature and find a solution to stop it from destroying the last food factory.