Friday, 20 October 2017

Different wind instruments

Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's the raspberry sound it's kind of like the sound of elephant. At this morning assembly Mr Jacobsen brought in two very historical wind instruments the conch and the shofar.

Mr Jacobsen told us how the people in the island chopped the end of conch shell and blow the raspberry sound to communicate with other island. He started talking about in the desert they don't have shells so they do the same thing  with antelope horns. He also explained that bugles were used to tell people to line up.

This morning I had a great experience learning about the different kinds of wind instruments. My favorite instrument was the shofar because it was to me.  

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical madness

Wigs on,  musical instruments everywhere and lots of interesting costumes on It was madness. Musical madness!  Musical madness was the topic for this term. Once I saw all of the craziness I knew that this immersion assembly was gonna be good.

The most entertaining item in my opinion was Team three three item was  putting songs into a story line.  Team three also spoke about how there gonna try and make there own instruments. My favorite part in the item was mr Moran’s groovy dancing moves

Giving information the item that gave the most information was the best team,  my team, team 5 there informative item was about a family movie night. They watched a part of the movie lion king and changed the background music that changed the mood and emotion of the movie.
This term I am looking forward to making music with garageband and doing my D.L.O .

I'm cant wait until this term is over.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Word problems

I had to finish thirty five word problems.  Most of them were easy and only three of them I needed help with. My favorite question was number three because it was the most easiest.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Manaiakalani film festival post

Yesterday I started in the room three manaiakalani film. My role was a basketball player. Our movie was called a day in the life of a point englander. In our film had eight people in it Heather, Hosea, Thaisoni, Siaosi, Isaac, Samoa, Tevita and myself. My favorite scene was when Hosea ankle broke Tevita.

Manaiakalani quality blog post