Friday, 26 August 2016

HIwi The Kiwi

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Hiwi the kiwi is a musician that writes his own songs and plays them on the guitar. We were luck enough for him to visit our school. He was here to talk about being safe in the water. Hiwi the kiwi and his wife took us through lots of songs about fishing. I enjoyed the song about splashing water on the birds so the don't eat your caught fish

                                          Things I learnt during the show.

1.Where a life jacket when on a boat.

2.Hold a salt fish with a wet cloth.

3.If a fish is really big you have to put it back so it can have babies.

4.It illegal to take snapper under three inches.

5.Dont put salt water fish in fresh water.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The trip to silicon valley

Saia and gabe were lucky enough to go on a trip to silicon valley and they told us all about it. They told us that it was a four day visit. they went to lots  of companies like google, facebook,kahn academy,xero,ideo and many more. when I go to collage I would want to go to silicon valley to.