Thursday, 22 September 2016

term three highlights

This term was one of the best term that i've ever had. This was the only term i've had without being on detention. I've only been late about three times instead of every day.

Horse riding has been one of biggest highlights. Me, Pou and our substitute teacher Dave go there every wednesday. My favorite part is after we finish Dave takes us to burger king, pizza planet or to get us a bakery pie I always like B.K .

Another big highlight of mine is tech. Every thursday the year sevens go to tamaki college. When we get there we get split up in groups cooking, art, graphics and wood works we stay in these group for one term then rotate.
For this term and the rest of the year  i'm in wood works.

My funniest moment was when we were playing rugby. My friend junior got a 50m run away and I was surprised I caught  up to him. Instead of tackling him I ankle taped him. It was funny because he face planted.

My goals for next term are.
  • Do not get on detention
  • Go to every trip
  • Try and go horse riding
  • Play sport
  • Get heaps of work on my blog

The big race

Me and my two friends Lucas and Emma were at the best burger shop ever jimmy's burgers.  We were celebrating for tomorrow RKWC The Racing Kart World champs. I'm  from america,Lucas and Emma are twins Scotland. we met at the RKWC sign up .

Okay today the day for the big race A 3 km race track.  Today  i'm gonna come first. Then i went through my annual RKWC checklist, good breakfast check, check karts good check now there's to only come first and make Flynlay jealous and  mum and dad proud. Oh i'm running late better head to the race track.

Once I got there I was the last one hurry up said emma Im coming im coming I explained. We all lined up and waited for the gun to sound.  BANG!!! The gun sounded and I was away turning and swerving. The finish line is just there and i'm dead first but then my car broke and I was sure to come last.

I didn't give up I got out of my kart and started to push.  My worst enemy was coming Flynlay so I pushed as hard as I could. The finish line was right there but so was Flynlay just before I passed I closed my eyes and heard Flynlay’s car go passed. It a photo finish.

I was waiting then all of a sudden  then speaker made a loud screech and announced In third place Ezra. Ezra and all his friends jumped with excitement then the screech went again and stated in second place Angelo Hunter already knew so he was cheering and jumped and so was I . Life doesn't always go as planned.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Brenda Martinez

We had to create a five slide presentation with the following question in it.
 What is this article about, different points in the story,is the olympics more than a sport and what is the authors purpose.

Mahe Drysdale

For this task we had to do a five slide presentation about an olympic athlete.