Friday, 14 April 2017

my favourite pastime

In this blog post i had to explain what was my favourite pastime is and is that my favourite pastime.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

sentence types

my role model

If I had to choose one person to in the entire world for my role model it will have to be my dad. I’ll choose dad  because he’s funny interesting and most of all he likes to spend time with me

I like my dad because he feed me love me puts a roof over my head and clothes on my favourite activity i like doing with him is fishing because he tell me stories about when he went fishing with his dad

There are other reasons why he's my role model is he likes spending time with me. Teaching me to build things play rugby touch he also taught me to cook. My dad says when he was little he was just like me.

thats my my dad is my role model thank you dad

Monday, 10 April 2017

my idea of a fun weekend

Have you ever waited and waited for the weekend to come, but when it actually came you realised it was the same as every other weekend. Well i'm gonna tell you my idea of a fun weekend. There are two days in a weekend Saturday and Sunday.

My idea of a Saturday is wake up in a nice sunny day ice cream for breakfast. After that i'll Go pick up my friends pou and phaezon and go to the pool. After I've swam at the pools well go to burger king and have a big lunch for free, wouldn't that be amazing. After we've had a long day my friends pou and phaezon would sleep over my house and play my ps4.

Sunday is the best day because after the ice cream breakfast we'll go to the movies at Sylvia park and watch two of the nest movies after the movies we go rainbows end until the night rides are done. Well pick up more friends go to my house cross the road and play spot light at the construction sight then have a late bed time a wake up for school.

The next day i'll go school and tell everyone all about how i had ice cream for breakfast, went to the pools, rainbows end, and played the spot light.