Friday, 17 March 2017


Mmm yumm i'm still daydreaming about that delicious doughnut, Mrs Tele’a brought us yesterday from a store at the 2017 polyfest. polyfest is a three day annual polynesian festival or polyfest. The polyfest is where people from different polynesian cultures perform in front of a massive crowd but you can't have a polyfest without food.

If i could choose the best thing about the polyfest My highlight is pretty obvious food. The food there is the the second best food that i've ever tasted, my first is hangi but any way the cook island doughnuts that Mrs Tele’a brought me and my group. At first they were a bit hot after a while
They were delicious.

After all the yummy food and fun stalls we went to the maori stage where we saw amazing acts by schools and a amazing little boy with a wonderful voice. An other stage we was the diversity stage where we got to see a fijian and asian group perform.  

Polyfest is important especially to those who are not confident on stage because it helps be courageous on stage and help them perform with kia kaha. An other reason  is it help your social relationships with other people and helps make friends.So next time you hear about the polyfest come along and don't forget about the food


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  2. Hi Angelo,

    This is a good piece of writing, but it had a little mistake I came across remember to fix your capital and lowercase letter for example your polyfest title. Keep up the good work.