Friday, 15 May 2015

liams christchurch interveiw

Walt: Find proof of the authors message.
Liam is a 13 year old boy that lives in Auckland New Zealand. He likes playing computer games with his .

we were able to catch up with liam and ask him question about the christchurch earthquake.

Hi liam how has your life been affected by the christchurch earthquake?
My aunty uncle and two cousins live there and i'm worried about them because they might be hurt badly.  they were very nice and lovey.

Liam what would you do if an earthquake hit your city how would it affect you and your family.

it will be devastating because I wouldn't be able to play my favorite computer games and it would hurt me and my family.

Okay Liam this is our last question, how would you react in a horrible earthquake
i will run underneath my computer table and hold on really tight .

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