Friday, 4 August 2017

Why are mobile phones banned

Why are mobile phones not allowed in class. I think we should be allowed your mobile phones at the appropriate time. If we were allowed to bring our mobile we should treat it like a school net book. Lock it the netbook cupboard or cow during school and  after school take home

Mobile phones are useful at school because if your chromebook breaks or gets stolen you could sign in to your drive with your  phone. You could also do math whizz and our basic facts with a phone.

Another reason why phones are useful should be allowed at school is to communicate to your parent  if  trainings su canceled and you need  ride home Or  call your teacher to let them know why you're not coming to school.

You could also use it for note pad. Note pad is useful if your chromebooks breaks or the internet crashes then you could just use your phone and go on notepad and do your writing or maths working out.

Broken chromebook, after school calling, notepad and crashed internet are main reasons why phones important to have at school.


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