Monday, 12 December 2016


Every picture tells a story.  Use your imagination and experience to narrate (tell) a story about the photo.

Take 5 minutes to plan your writing below.

Walking through the forest then we see a giant foot print

We follow them then were at the road and the footprints are no longer to be found

Go home and try and figure out what it was

Go back to the forest and bigger footprint was there

Then we find out it's just a group of boys digging holes with shovels

Mystery footprints

Squish squish squish my feet sounded as I was walking through the muddy woods. My brother Calvin and I were playing pokemon go, trying to find a legendary by the name of Heatran. “This way.”    
Calvin directed,with his phone a centimeter away from his face.  
Suddenly Calvin tripped and had a face full of dirt. Calvin handed me the phone as was  wiping off all the dirt I gasped “woah!” “What did you find Heatran” “No” I responded “look what you're standing in” “a ditch” Calvin said sarcastically  “no a giant foot print.”

Calvin's jaw dropped “these is the footprints in the article, let's follow them”. “My feet are sore” I explained. “Ohhh” Calvin said in disappointment the tracks end here. At the side of the road I thought to myself, I thought monsters  was supposed to be hidden, it doesn't add up. Me and Calvin went home and talking to each other about what it was Calvin thought it was Bigfoot or a real life pokemon. And I thought it was just a big misunderstanding. The next day we went back to the woods without even asking mum . Once we arrived there we sore bigger footprints the size of my whole body.

There were way more than before and while we followed them we heard a group of teenagers. At the end of the trail. We couldn't see what they were doing with the last footprint so we moved up to get a closer look.
Me and Calvin were hiding behind a giant boulder with a perfect view.
And sore that they were digging the footprints for a halloween scare.
Calvin looked disappointed that it wasn't Bigfoot. “O.M.G” Said Calvin
“What” I said curiously  “I found Heatran Yeah” explained Calvin.

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