Tuesday, 13 December 2016

bottle flip battle

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  1. Hmmm Angelo. You seem to think your experiments go wrong a lot. But I can tell you right now that your experiments are awesome and successful exercises in science and the scientific method! Keep on trying and one day you'll make a hypothesis that is proven correct!

    I'm Mark and I'm a teacher working for the summer learning journey you signed up for at the end of term. I thought I better come online and just check who needs a reminder to start up the programme.

    I know you're probably quite busy, but if you get the chance I think you'd enjoy joining in with your classmates on the learning journey. It seems like they're all having fun learning about the world and traveling.

    The activities are interesting, and there is even the chance to draw, make poems, and argue about bull fighting! There's heaps of stuff to do and the best part is that you decide which stuff you want to do.

    Anyway, I hope to see you online soon. It is something different to do during the holidays after all!

    Kia kaha, and take care,