Monday, 14 March 2016

Some one to lava

A long time ago  there was a lonely volcano named Jake that lived on the vast sea gazing at the happy  couples and wishes he had his own.every day he sang a song and hoped that someone would love him to.Little did he know there was a volcano named Lizzie that lived under sea that had listened to his song and knew it was meant  for her.

Then Jake stopped producing lava and was dieing and began to sink. Then lizzie  came from under the sea but couldn't see any body . Jake’s  face was half way filled with water Jake try to sing but once he opened his mouth it got filled with water, and watched all his dreams go by.

Then he thought if he pushed lava out then he would rise again. So he pushed and pushed he felt something coming and it was a humongous fart  that blasted him out of the sea. And Jack sore Lizzie and they began to kiss. They were going to sing a beautiful but once lizzie opened her mouth she smelt something and said “what's that smell Jake”.           
“It's the smell of love my darling” Jack explained “ love smells pretty gross” Lizzie informed.

Twenty years went by and Jake was 142 years old and lizzie was 137 years old they also had two sons that were travelers there names were Everest and Rushmore  but they were not volcanos . Everest got a crown for being tall Nepal and lives in nepal. Rushmore had permanent tattoos on his back of  Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt he lives in America . And they happily ever after.

I narrated a story based on the song someone to lava

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