Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew patterson speech

This morning A Man named Andrew Patterson Brought Rainen the deputy head boy of tamaki college Mr patterson interviewed Rainen about his first years in Tamaki. There main point was show us the meaning aim A.I.M Aspiration, Inspiration, motivation.

 We also showed us a video of a boy called Dwight his dad was a Mongrel mob patch member and colleges didn't accept him because they thought he wouldn't do well but Remuera High school accepted him and saw potential in him so they help him and in year 12 he got the endeavour award at prize giving.

 I think this talk was very helpful for next year when i go to college. The most important thing that i’ll take with me to my college years is to put myself out there.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Athletics day
Have you ever threw a shot put 14 meters?  Coming first in sprints? Have you ever came first at everything? Have you showed your best in it athletics.  
1st idea
Achieving your personal best means doing your best in everything especially in athletics.  In athletics there so many sports to participate last week on friday. We did discus, throwing spear, throw ball, volleyball, shot put, tug of war, high jump and sprint and after all these sports we did relays.
2nd idea
We showed our personal best in all of the sports by not giving up and we cept on trying even though we were tired we never gave up. We used up all of our strength to pull to throw and to run. We wanted to have a drink and a break but we cept on trying even though we sat under the sun for hours and hours.
athletic 3rd idea
Not also we showed our personal best but we showed support to each other, even though they are giving up we tried to push them to get through the whole day and letting them having a go.
I liked how we got through the day without giving up and letting other people down but pushing them at having a go at every sports. I also liked how we cheered for other people. And I like how we went through the day happy and safe.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Different wind instruments

Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's the raspberry sound it's kind of like the sound of elephant. At this morning assembly Mr Jacobsen brought in two very historical wind instruments the conch and the shofar.

Mr Jacobsen told us how the people in the island chopped the end of conch shell and blow the raspberry sound to communicate with other island. He started talking about in the desert they don't have shells so they do the same thing  with antelope horns. He also explained that bugles were used to tell people to line up.

This morning I had a great experience learning about the different kinds of wind instruments. My favorite instrument was the shofar because it was to me.